Thursday, March 18, 2010

new post

It has been so long since I have posted that I thought I should update for anyone that might read our blog! The Brook house has been very busy! First, Addison had to stay home from school for a few days due to not feeling then I wasn't feeling well. Jasson had been working alot at his second job (BOK) and both kids are in t-ball this year! Both practice two nights a week on different nights. My mom was headed out of town. My dad needs open heart surgery and I was worried about a few co-workers and a relative. Needless to say I had been feeling overwhelmed! I read several people's blogs and one happens to be a girl I went to high school with named Stacey. Her son is a cancer survivor. Reading her blog helped me put my life back in perspective. So I stopped and prayed and Thanked GOD for children that can run, have hair (even if it did have lice), a hard working husband, a job that I love and I get to be the boss, people that I work with that I like enough to care about their families, a mom healthy enough to travel to see my sister, a dad smart enough to insist to his doctor something was wrong with his heart, a close knit extended family that when one of us isn't feeling well we play telephone until we know everything is okay. I am a controlling person that sometimes needs a reminder that I cannot control life. That I must slow down and enjoy what God has given me and take one step at a time.

Now the fun stuff: Jasson and I took the kids bowling on Monday and the girls totally won! Addison and I did really well and beat the boys! (okay so the bumpers were up) but we all had a really fun time. We had our first sleep over with cousins Zoe and Kiley on Sunday night. The four of them got along very well. There were only a few times that I had to ask everyone to play nice. We visited the park in Jenks (really fun if you have children). Addison and Jacob are both doing very well in t-ball. They both really seem to like it and Addison does better if I don't watch. We are working on her attitude with adults a few of her recent phrases: "it's not your business" said to cousin Megans mother and "don't talk to my mama" said to a t-ball mom. I use positive directive questioning such as "is that how we speak to adults?" and make her apologize. The problem is I need her not to say those things in the first place. I attended Jacob's parent teacher conferences this month and that went well. He is doing well and the teacher didn't have much to say other than he is ready for first grade. Being the proud parent I have thought that since he entered kindergarten and brought home the same work he did when he was at Miss Barb's. Jacob is growing and growing! He wears a size 2 shoe and 10 in pants! However, as the parent of a tall kid I do get annoyed when people think he is older and have found myself (rudely) correcting people when I overhear them comment on how old "that" kid must be. This usually happens at t-ball. Hello people have you seen his father? And I am worried about my 4 yr-old keeping her thoughts to herself?

On the diet front I have lost 15 pounds since I have started counting my calories and going to the diet doctor. I also write down everything I eat and don't drink my calories. Despite numerous attempts by my friend Marla and cousin Sarah the answer is still "NO" to exercise. I will try to incorporate some as the weather warms up. I know when we open our pool that I will swim daily, but for now the only part of my body that gets exercise is my fingers from typing or pushing the buttons on the remote! In April I will get to go to a conference in New Orleans with the Tobacco Coalition so hopefully I can lose a few more pounds before then so I can fit into more of my clothes. Right now I rotate between three pair of pants! Oh the life we lead! LOL