Monday, October 4, 2010

Quarterly Report

Well it's about time for my quarterly update. It's been awhile so I thought I would get fancy and type in blue and italics. It's been so long since the last post and I didn't read the last post I can't remember where I left off. Hmmm...What's been going on with the Brook's?

Jacob is halfway through football and I think he is looking forward to the end! He is already talking wrestling and basketball. He likes first grade and his teacher, Mrs. Tanner. I think he is quite social as he prefers to eat breakfast at school instead of taking the AR test in the morning which I want him to do. He has gotten all 100's on his spelling tests and I am still processing that he celebrated his 7th birthday. The other day I said "Daddy and I have been married 7 1/2 years" Jacob's response "and I'm 7" wonder how many years it will take him to figure that one out..LOL. Thinking of kid comments Addison and Jake were telling me that the wanted a sibling which there will be no more at our house. I explained that "no we are not having anymore children" Jacob replied "well you could go out and have a really good time and come back pregnant". Not really sure where he heard that line, but quite certain he is watching too much tv. I assured him that "NO, there would be no more babies at our house."

Addison is adjusting well to life in kindergarten. After my heart healed from the day she brought home a sad face she hasn't had any more. She is quite independent and styles her own hair daily. She kinda has the messy pulled up look. Her personality reminds me of a cross between Punky Brewster and Denace the Menace. A good mix for the household. I've gotten over my anxiety that when the teachers see her lunch they must think I am an unfit mother, but why pack something she won't eat? So dry cereal, yogurt, and string cheese it is! I got to go with her to the Livesay Orchard in Porter and she packed our lunch for us and did a great job! She let me have a sandwich :).

October brings excitement to us. We will go on our first vacation since the children were 1 and 3! We are headed south to San Antonio for fall break! I am excited to just get out of town! We plan to go to Galveston and spend one night just to show the kids the ocean and experience a ride on the ferry. Not my favorite. I have always had this anxiety of bridges, ferries, etc. ugh I do not like not being in control and over water...AAHHH...but I must put this aside so the kids can experience fun! Now I am planning on taking life jackets (just not telling Jasson hehehe). Yes life jackets for the ferry ride over to Galveston! We also bought an old Coke machine! Jasson and I have wanted one forever and lucked into one really cheap at a garage sale this weekend. So get ready ice cold beverages all summer long for just .45 cents! WooHoo