Monday, April 19, 2010

Catch up...

WOW! It's been awhile since the last post. I feel like all I do is play catch up. Meet myself at the front door leaving sometimes. Life as a working mother of two can be very hectic.

Jacob and Addison are both full swing into t-ball. On different teams in different towns of course. Can't do things the easy way in the Brook house. The late nights are really rough for us. I am still debating is it harder on me or the kids? Jacob is my child that reminds me it's 8:00 o'clock and time for bed. Only 18 more games for Jake and 13 for Addison to go! I think this summer the only activity we will do is swimming in our own backyard! Well that's if the kids' allergies calm down. Both have had itchy, red, watery eyes, a cough, sneezing etc. Keeping them in the house is about the only thing that works. Jacob is doing very well in school and is reading chapter books now. Addison is doing well and reports "no trouble" when asked how was school? I wish I could say the same about home! She will be writing sentences tonight when I get home for her behavior. Yes, I know she is 4, but she must learn that all negative behavior has consequences. Jacob lost his sixth tooth last night and seemed disappointed that the tooth fairy only left a dollar! I found out he was skipping breakfast at school (lunch lady told me we have $75.00 on our account) he told me he was trying to save money. I guess I talk about money too much. It's amazing what a six year old can pick up on! Anyway, I did tell him he better start eating and of course he did not need to worry about money that we have it under control. Then he said well I need to lose weight! So again another lecture that a six year old should not be worried about weight! Oh my goodness they grow up too fast!

We are also looking for a new home for Bella. I know I know....go ahead and say it. A 4 year old is not ready for a dog and since she is to rough with poor little Bella we feel Bella would be better off with someone else. The good news is Jasson knows a lady at work and they are going to have a trial night on Wednesday. Cross your fingers. And yes I have learned my lesson!

I will go to New Orleans next week for work. I am going to try cajun food since the first time I went I was a vegetarian. My first long trip by myself. This should be interesting. Any good book recommendations?

My dad is home. He sounds groggy today. I guess recovering from quadruple bypass isn't the easiest thing to do! He hasn't smoked in a week and since my trip is for an anti-Tobacco Conference I should have lots of good things to bring back for him!