Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the mend

Addison and I have been ill since Monday. I have strep throat and she has pnuemonia with strep throat. Today is our first day back to work/school. It is miserable being sick! I think I have used more lysol and cleaner these past few days then I have in a month. I managed to burn or make my tongue raw from all the cepacol drops I have used. My only relief is now causing pain too! I am sitting at work listening to lots of sirens and wondering what is going on? I am such a nosy or should I say inquisitive person.

I measured the kids today against a wall in the laundry room. We last measured about 4 months ago. Jacob is an inch taller and Addison is two inches taller! I thought her clothes we looking short!

I did manage to spend some quality time with Addison one of the days we were home. We played dolls, did hair and colored. It was fun. I thought wow what a smooth day...until she came into the living room with a green face and a green spotted Bella. The day is not over and I am exhausted!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthsary! Jasson will be 33 on Sunday and we will celebrate our 7th anniversary on Tuesday! So exciting. Mom is keeping the kids Saturday for us. So last night Jacob asks "where will Addison go when you go out?" Well she will go with you to Nana's. "so she gets to go eat with us at Boomer rang?" How do you know you are going to Boomer rang? "I've planned it all out" WOW. Now knowing my mother I am sure she will take him to Boomer rang. Crazy kid

Friday, January 15, 2010


So my Addison is always saying funny or quirky things. This morning's statement happened when Jacob, Addison and I were having a family hug. We were laying in my bed before I had to officially "get up". Jacob accidently need Addison in her private area. So she says "ouch bubby you got me in the girls!" Love her.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Addison has recovered from her surgery. She did however break the stitches open and has a nasty open wound in place of her mole. We are cleaning that twice daily. She still has not forgiven me for having the mole removed.

Jasson's grandpa passed away on Sunday. The kids knew this grandpa (his other grandpa died late 2009, but the kids didn't know him). I am very up front, open and honest with my children about most things. Okay, they do still believe in Santa, the tooth fairy etc. but the rest of the stuff I don't sugar coat. Anyway, we talked about dying and heaven. Last night Addison and I were eating dinner and she started singing a song she made up about grandpa Stan. It went to the tune of "oh Christmas Tree". If I could figure out how to post video on here I would post it. It was so sweet. It is times like last night that remind me there is sweetness in my girl she just doesn't like to let it loose very often.

Jacob had his first basketball game on Saturday. He had a lot of fun and was worn out afterward! He now has his own basketball and Jasson has been working with Jacob on the funamentals. So now Jacob has been in basketball, T-ball, swimming, karate, tumbling and one try at gymnastics. He wants to try tap next. Hopefully, he will find his niche soon.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Surgery and last overnight

Today was Addison's mole removal surgery. As my fam will remember she was born with a decent sized mole/birth mark on her right ankle. Our pediatrician has never paid much attention to it and didn't think it was cause for concern. I however, have fretted since day one. I have had many moles removed and with Uncle Phillip having had melanoma I just worried about that mole. Anyway, this summer part of it came off due to Addison picking at it. Finally, the pediatrician agreed that we should take a second look and referred us to a dermatologist. Of course the derm suggested a removal. However, he referred us to a plastic surgeon so finally after four doctor visits and $450.00 dollars later the mole is gone.

Addison did not want the mole removed. She complained for days before the surgery about the surgery. Oh well, we thought they will give her happy juice and she will be just fine. Well happy juice must be like affects all of us differently. Addison was no happy kid! It took her a little longer to come out of the anesthesia fog. She cried, she laughed, she got mad, she cried some more, she fell asleep eating a pop tart. "It's my worst day ever" she repeated over and over. Sad and funny. She cried because she couldn't sit up straight, she cried because she couldn't hold her cup, she cried because her foot is all bandaged up to restrict movement. Finally, about 2:00 the Addison I know returned. She bounced, danced, kicked, jumped, ran you know all those things that the dr. said NOT to do. She is to rest her ankle (they don't want the stitches to open) for 48 hours. Yeah right? How many 4 yr-olds follow the dr.'s advice. The piece she did hear was that it would be a good idea to keep her home until Thursday. Now that she wants to follow...I told her only if mama gets to sleep a little. So as you can read she doing well and in her words "I am healing".

Tonight (cross my fingers) is my last scheduled over night shift at the shelter. I have hired someone and she is orientating this week. It is someone I have known for years so hopefully she will be a great addition to the YSCC team. I am still going to hire a few "on call" people and have great candidates if they are willing to be on call instead of part-time. I am able to get a lot done on overnights no phone calls, the kids are in bed. However, it leaves more work for the day I return. Return all the day phone calls, meet with the kids, attend meetings etc. I am ready for my old routine back!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Break My Heart

So Jacob is at work with me today due to mom having to go back one day before the kids. He has been sweet and quiet all day. I took him to McDonalds to eat lunch (his choice) because he has been so well behaved.

He ate his lunch then went to play. All was well until two blonde headed bullies, in red sweaters, started picking on him!!! He came down to me and said those boys were saying he was a spy. So the two bullies, I mean boys, no I mean BULLIES said to him through the mesh net "I'm not afraid of you". Jacob says to me I tried to get away from them and they kept saying I was trying to spy, but I wasn't. So my sweet little Jacob sits down at a table in the back of the McDonalds and blinks his eyes many times, to fight back tears and then he was ready to go! Anyway, that just breaks my heart. I know I am biased, but he is such a sweet boy! I told him next time people pick on you punch 'em in the gut! Probably not the best advice, but hey people back off my kid! These boys were probably about 8 years old. I think that Jacob's size will be a disadvantage if he doesn't get his bluff in on people early in life. Now had my girl been there she would have punched 'em in the gut and been the one being called a bully...LOL

So to you blonde headed red sweatered boys...BACK OFF!

Holidays are over!

The new year is upon us now and I am looking forward to new adventures! We had a great Christmas, which included spending time with my new niece. I survived the New Year's Eve lock-in at church and am close to hiring someone for my shelter. I think things are settling down now.

So Jacob and I were leaving my mom's the other day and talking about something that I have already forgotten, anyway he says "OMG". I say what does that mean (of course I know but does he?) "Oh my gosh". Wow six years old and they already learn all the text lingo.

Speaking of what children hear and learn Addison was in the living room and I was watching a show on ABC Family channel the character says something and used the word "sex" so Addison asks me what that means. Now I usually over explain things and have been trying not to do that lately. So I told her it means if you are a girl or a boy. So she says "I am sex?" No Addison your sex is female that means you are a girl. She just wouldn't drop it! So finally I had to tell her we just don't say that word. So let this be a lesson that even "family" channels often say things that are unnecessary and things that children shouldn't hear. The lesson to me is to watch tv in my bedroom!

My kids have said some funny things lately and I meant to remember them so I could post, but I waited to long and now have forgotten. I will try to post pics on here soon. Trying to dress the page up a bit and keep up with my over achieving bloggin' cousins.