Monday, February 15, 2010


I am finally over my second round of strep throat only to wake up to two kids with sniffles and sneezes this morning! Hopefully, it's just a little allergies or cold and nothing that will be cause for a trip to Dr. Gordon.

Jasson flies home tonight! Yeah! For all you mama's with traveling husbands how do you do it? I even had my mom with me and am still ready for Jasson to come home.

The diet is going well. I have not eaten over the calorie limit that I have set for myself. To my surprise I am not that hungry either. I do drink lots and lots of water, which I did before I was restricting my calories. I am writing down all foods that I eat. Counting calories really makes you aware of what you eat. Last night I had 500 calories left over and needed a snack so I ate one (out of two that come packaged together) of the little debbie heart shaped cupcakes. I guessed maybe 100 calories or less. Anyway, when I was at the store today a very similar cake was 150 calories per little cake! Won't be eating those again. We haven't started working out yet but maybe this week. Let's not push it you know what I mean? What's my motivation? Addison asking me as she is poking it "if you don't have a baby in there why didn't it go down?" referring to my gut! Kids...gotta love thier honesty.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


KA-BOOM! That is the perfect word to describe to funny/surprising situations that happened the last two days. First I picked up Jacob from school yesterday to be told by his teacher that he had cut a chunk out of his hair and received a white slip! KA-BOOM! What I was speechless, my sweet, innocent, never in trouble Jacob? It was true. Though you really can't tell because his hair is a mess and grows funny anyway. So he was grounded from television yesterday and lectured by both Jasson and I last night. He was told to apologize to his teacher and I told him I will check to make sure he did apologize.

So the second KA-BOOM came this morning on the way to school. Jacob says Bella (who was headed to the groomer) is eating something off the floor of the car. "man mom you sure have a lot of spots back here" Yes Jacob it's because of you and your sister. "Well you need KA-BOOM you know from oxy-clean it works on most any surface and really gets the stains out" WoW he just receited the entire KA-BOOM commercial. As it turns out the no tv last night was a good idea because he obviously watches WAY TOO MUCH TV!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fat Farm

Fat farms do they still have those? I need to go to one. So today I signed myself up for the diet doctor. After three prescriptions, several boxes of protein shake, and a few boxes of protein bars I was finally out the door. Turns out I am fatter than I thought by a whole 10 pounds. So I have decided to stop avoiding the mirrors and come to term with this over abundant skin I have been living in. I am over the vanity phase in my life. You know the way to much make-up, fake tan, etc but this is ridiculous! I have decided that when the weight has taken over to the point that I am too tired to play with my kids then it is time to take control! Jasson and I successfully gave up pop so I am hoping my transition to giving up the extra 1000 calories I eat a day won't be so hard. We are joining the gym and I am going to start walking on my treadmill in the mornings. However, the doctor said 80% of my fatness is what I eat. Turns out I am down with that because I really would rather starve than exercise, but hubby wants to exercise so I will do that too. Watch out Sarah! The new/old me is waiting to emerge! LOL! I vow to longer be the fat cousin! UGH just re-reading this and typing is wearing me out! I can do it I can do it!

On to more pleasant topics. We visited the Isley boys this weekend and had fun. Who knew that Mo has really chilled out since having kids. She didn't mind the screaming, ball throwing, up and down the stair action, around the circles in the house madness. I am sure my children were in heaven! We had a really fun time and by the time we left Jace almost liked me! Not enough to let me hold him but enough for a high five. That's progress! Anyway, Mo is doing my taxes (so nice of you) and is always surprised that Jasson and I can survive on our small income. I guess you spend with what ya got. LOL!

Superbowl Sunday was fun at our house. Jasson bought a new tv (I secretly wanted one too) so it was easier to see the players! The kids played with our friends' kids and had fun. I made way too much food and will have to eat it tonight so it doesn't go to waste. So the above mentioned diet will begin tomorrow.

Addison made it through the weekend with oh maybe 4 or 5 trips to her room (pretty good). The last time I thought hmm she is being awfully quiet! So I opened the bedroom door to find the stroller (one of three) covered in moose. Yes that is right hair moose. "what are you doing" "what its my cleana?" "addison cate that is not cleaner put it up right now and clean this mess". A few minutes later she comes into the kitchen "addison why were you playing in the moose?" "It's so soft and fluffy I just want to jump in that can and swim and float awound mama". moose (sic) is soft and fluffy and some days I wish I could just float around in it too. How can you be mad at that?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Too old for mom?

I took lunch to my mom today and happened to see Jacob in the lunch line. I waved (with exaggerated excitement) and called his name. He peeked up at me gave the slightest most unnoticable wave back. As I walked out the door I heard him say to a classmate "what's she doing here?". NICE. Six years old and already to old for your momma? School really ages kids quickly especially ones as sweet as my Jake.

Addison oh Addison. I received an email from daycare yesterday that my girl was being rude, not participating, telling the teacher they were mean, she didn't have to listen or do what they said. I spoke with her upon arrival to pick her up and gave her two choices: apologize and all is forgotten or go to your room for night, but you will still apologize in the morning. Of course she opted for the latter and spent the evening alone in her room. At first (because she cried) I thought Ah Hah this is working! Then I heard chatter and laughter coming from her bedroom. Turns out that the alone time allowed her to actually play with all of her toys. You know all the ones she just had to have that sit on her shelves and floor unattended too. So much for punishment in your bedroom!

Jasson will be going to LA next week. The kids and I will be on our own. Sorta. Mom will be spending the week with us while he is gone. Jacob has already asked if we could eat out every night that daddy is gone. I told him we just had pizza. Well that doesn't count because we picked it up and ate it at home! Jasson and I have created fast food out to eat junkies!