Monday, May 24, 2010


Hmm.. I couldn't think of a clever post title today. I am grouchy because I am feeling overworked which is my own fault. Therefore, all titles I thought of weren't appropriate. I know this is a passing mood and things always work out. I have control issues and when I can't control I get a little cranky!

Saturday the kids and I were leaving Wal-Mart when we were asked if we wanted to look at some craft projects and make a donation. The cause was a worthy one and had I any cash I would have donated. We walked across the drive way and Jacob said "mom I have change left over in my pocket I could donate". He walked back to the table and patiently waited until the lady was finished speaking to someone else. To me it felt like forever, but he waited so calmly and quietly. Finally, the woman left and it was Jake's turn. He handed over his money. I was so proud! I did not suggest he give his money he did it all on his own. He had taken some money from his piggy bank to buy a toy from Wal-Mart and then donated the change he had left over!

We also spent the weekend out by the pool. So nice and sunny! A little too sunny. We were a little to hot pink on Sunday to swim without shirts on. Best of all the weekend brought Amy and Iris home! I can't believe how much Iris has grown. So cute!

Addison stated on Saturday night that she was "calling Amy out" which means Addison will now get to be Iris's mother and that Iris should come to live with us. Addison was quite upset when I explained it wasn't that easy and that we couldn't take Iris home with us.

We are gearing up and are super excited to have everyone over Saturday for a swim party. Hopefully, the forecast won't change and we will have sunny nice weather!