Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am done!

Now if you are reading this and thinking it should state "I am finished" to be grammitically correct well let me tell you I may not be finished but I am done! I had planned to be off work earlier today since I came in at 6:00am. However, I had last minute shopping to finish.

I battled Hibbet sports, Wal-Mart, and traffic today to finish shopping for my shelter kids. I hope they will have a great Christmas despite being in a shelter.

Now for the "I'm done" if you are related to me and I didn't get you a gift I apologize, but "I am DONE". My feet are killing me, my side is aching, and my leg is hurting! I am too young for this pain. AAAHHH.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Party Ever

Yesterday we celebrated our annual Sontag Family Christmas Party at the Ritchie Ranch (thank you Ritchie Family). Our family has grown so much over the years. We have 12 great grandchildren with two of them being born just this year! We miss our Uncle "TiTi" always, but especially when we are all together. He would love to know all of the babies!

The little cousins all played so well together. They were even introduced to hay bale hopping. Jacob and Addison can't wait to go back and climb on the hay. My fondest memories as a child was when all of the cousins got together. Remember fishing at Nanny's? The Azalea Festival? Sitting on the corner of Oak and Dewey for the Christmas Parade? I am so blessed to have family that live close and have children for my children to grow up with. My cousins were my best friends and I think my kids' best friends will be their cousins too.

Anyway, yesterday was so much fun! We ate, played, visited and left exhausted! Now to get through the week. Christmas is just around the corner!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ho Ho the Holidays...

So we are in full swing of the Christmas season. Most of my shopping is completed. My holiday party plans are made and food is ordered. I am looking forward to staying in my pj's and playing with my children on Christmas day.

Jacob lost his fourth tooth last! So he can truly sing the song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth". So cute. We go tomorrow at 7am for a new tube in his left ear. Hopefully, that will stop all of the ear infections!

Addison is so anxious to get her hands on "that baby". Referring to Iris of course. She says she is going to "hold her and feed her and carry her around". Not so sure about the carrying around part. I think we will have to go to mom's tomorrow night no matter how late Amy and Todd get in to meet baby Iris!

Bella had her first groom today! I wish I knew how to post pics because she is SOOO cute. They fluffed her out to a cute little ball! If only she would stay that way!

Off to strategic planning tonight...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fun Weekend

Wow! Monday already! The weekend went very fast! Jasson and I were able to get a little bit of Christmas shopping done on Friday night. Thank you Mama for keeping the kids overnight. We went to one of my favorite restuarant's Carrabba's (spelling?) and split a meal, which was the perfect size and so YUMMY!

Saturday I attended the women's luncheon at church. It was really fun and inspirational. If you don't have a home church you should try Newspring Family Church in Jenks. Now for my Catholic family our type of service is waaay different, but don't let that intimidate you.

Then we went to the Christmas train. This year I appropriately dressed the children so they didn't freeze and thankfully the sleet stayed away too. The kids had so much fun. While there I forgot that I was an adult with responsibilities, bills, etc and just had fun. Jacob and I rode a go-kart and Jasson and Addison were in one. Quite a site to see us squeezed in there! The kids got to ride a horse. Addison asked if she could have one of those little horses once Bella dies. Yes, we have had the death conversation more than once. I think if parents talk about stuff like that it is less scary for children. I don't ever remember being scared of dead people.

Jasson got our pool cover on (finally) only to state it would only be about 4 months until it was time to take it off again. Time sure does fly when you get older.

Last night we were at Walmart and Jacob wanted an Ipod for Christmas. The shuffles are too little and the other ones are too expensive. Anyway, we got a GREAT deal on an mp3 player and bought it for him. He was so sweet about the whole thing. He said "maybe you can wrap it up, put it under the tree, and I will forget what it looks like by the time it is Christmas, then I will be surprised!" So sweet! Love him!

My Addy girl is still wearing mismatched socks. Jasson wants to buy her a bunch of socks for Christmas so she will have more to choose from to be mismatched. She likes bright and patterned. Sometimes they match her outfit sometimes not. But she likes it and that is most important. I will find out later this week when she gets her mole removed, turns out today's appointment was just so the doctor could measure it.

Counting down the days to meet my new neice Iris!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

In love and in Kindergarten?

Yes, it is me again at 3:19am I have taken to the night hours. My office is freezing and I would so much rather be snuggled in bed with my husband! But I am here again tonight. If you are a follower and know someone looking for on-call work please send them my way.

So yesterday morning I made the kids breakfast and Jacob tells me two of his classmates are "in love". So I ask "what does being in love mean?" Addison "I don't know" Jacob "I guess when you ask someone to go out." So I ask what does going out mean? Jacob "When you get together and talk about your life, play games, and then at the end you (he paused) kiss!". So I explained that in kindergarten you are too young to be "in love" and that they are not allowed to have girlfriends/boyfriends until they are 20 year old. So my precocious Addison tells me she already has a boyfriend. (He called like 5 times during breakfast). So Addison who is your boyfriend? Blake (this would be Blake Million some of you may know his parents Brett and Michelle). I asked Addison does Blake know he is your boyfriend? Yes she says with a laugh.

Why at such young ages does this start I wonder? Why is it that we spend all of our young years wishing to grow up and all of our old years wishing to be young again? Gotta make my rounds I will back....okay most are sleeping.

As we head into Christmas it has been weighing heavily on my heart all the people that are struggling in this economy. We all see the angel trees, read the "neediest family" in the paper, drop our money in the red kettle. We know those will be taken care of. Please think of those they may not have made it on a list. They might be our friends, our neighbors, or even our own family. Keep those people too in your thoughts as you are giving this holiday season.

On a happier note, now that I have depressed myself because I want to give to EVERYONE but cannot do so, my sister is coming home!!! I will finally get to meet baby IRIS! I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Early Christmas!

First let me tell you I am sitting at my desk right now. Yes right now at 3:53 a.m. that is the joy of being on call all of the time here at YSCC. I have to frequently check the children that live here so this blog will frequently interrupted.

Now down to the early Christmas. Yesterday, no Tuesday Jasson came home with a cute little bag that I could tell was from type of jewelry store or maybe a boutique. Anway, he said I got you a Christmas present do you want it now or on Christmas? The way he was looking at me I thought it might be a trick question. So I said "how about Christmas?" "no" he said "I can't wait until Christmas". So anyway, I opened my present and it was a Pandora bracelet. I have never seen nor heard of these. Turns out they are quite popular right now. Not quite a fashion diva I didn't realize this. The bracelet is sterling silver and you can put these charms on it, but not like the typical charm bracelet. I absolutely love it! Other than the fact we said no Christmas gifts to each other since we went a little spend happy in Vegas and got tattoos. So now I feel that I should get him a gift!

Jacob was in the living room during all of this and says "wait a minute, you mean Addison got an early present (Bella), Mama got an early present and I get nothing?" Oops, in the world of more than one child you must always do for one what you do for the other. If not you end up with one child feeling like they were cheated. Am I right all you older (and middle!) children? Got to make my rounds I will be back....all are well and asleep. So Jasson and I had to explain that sometimes some of the family get early presents and others don't. We still love you just the same yada yada. You really can't put anything past him!

Here I am now 4:03am eating a honey bun. These overnights will certainly help me maintain my figure...LOL.

As far as regular Christmas goes I still have a ton of shopping to do and thanks to my great Mama I will get some of it done on Friday. This year we are going to have our Christmas meal on Christmas Eve curtosy of RibCrib or Billy Sims not sure which one yet. Probably which ever has the best prices. I am always looking for a deal.

Jacob has his first church lock-in over New Year's Eve. I am going to let him go, but will most likely be a volunteer. You didn't really think I'd let my baby be gone overnight without his mama or Nana around did you? He has ear tube surgery Thursday.

Addison goes in Monday to have her mole (birth mark) removed. She is still not happy about it and says she won't drink the medicine to make her go to sleep. Monday morning will be interesting. We will be at SouthCrest and should only take a short time. Say a prayer for us! She has been behaving at school. Thank you God. We have been praying to God to help her make the right choices so she isn't always in trouble. Short of spanking her I have tried all my tricks. You know all those tricks I have told you if you are related to me and have children. Well, here is a secret......wait for it.....THEY DON'T ALWAYS WORK!!!!!

Well I am slowing down now so I think I will go do some work in the shelter.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Wow! I found my blog! I had forgotten that I put the in it. So sensitive! Let's see what is new in the Brook household?

Addison put Bella in the dryer in an effort to shrink her. You see Sponge Bob got in the dryer and shrunk. She thought this might work for Bella. Lucky for Bella she can't reach the knob to turn the dryer on. We had a long talk about what is real and what is pretend and the dangers of putting anything into the dryer.

Jacob received a character award from his teacher for always being helpful and listening. He is really doing well in school. It is amazing how well he can read. No more spelling things out loud to hide them from him! He woke up this morning with wacky hair and he bent over and said "look at this what am I going to do with this". It was so funny! He is really into looking cool these days.

Over the weekend we had cookie party. This is our tradition of inviting family over baking and decorating cookies and then attending the Christmas Parade. We missed our cousins that couldn't attend...maybe next year. We did enjoy some cold hot chocolate from Braums. Not so tasty. Maybe next year we will bring our on hot chocolate.

Maybe soon I will figure out how to post pictures so I can have a cutesy blog like all my cousins.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Blogger

I have finally made the committment to start my own family blog. I have actually been a blog follower of several people for quite some time. I enjoy checking in on my friend's and family's page and being updated. In such a busy world it is sad to say, but I find it easier to read blogs than make a telephone call. I speak to people all day on the phone and get to use my nice voice. Usually, by the time I get home the only nice voice left is reserved for my husband and children. So blogging is a great way to keep me in the loop.

I became an aunt on November 20th and am so excited. I haven't gotten to meet my new niece yet but cannot wait. Since my sister does not keep up with her blog regularly I haven't gotten to hear much about how motherhood is going. Nor have I gotten to see many pictures!

My mother was in Texas with my sister this past week and so this was my first Thanksgiving without my mom to celebrate with me. I know I know cut the umbilical cord right? Being the youngest and squeakiest child of the three of us it is hard. I know I couldn't have done lots of things without my mom.

Hmm..let's see I had a weak moment and we bought our 4 year old, Addison, a new puppy. Half poodle half bischon. Love the cute little dog, but really a 4 year old? I should say I bought myself a new puppy because I currently get up every two hours in the middle of the night to let her outside! My new neice sleeps way more than my new puppy.

Jacob lost his third tooth. His top front one. It is so funny looking. Addison will have her birthmark (on her right ankle) removed in a couple of weeks. Just a precaution for a hypercondriac mother.

Thinking Wow we are already in the middle of the holiday season. We bought a new Christmas tree it is 9 feet tall. I love it! Now to add some lights and decorations. I will try to work on that soon.