Friday, November 12, 2010


Finally, we went on a family vacation and headed south to visit my sister over fall break! We had a very busy trip which started with the camera breaking. Therefore, I have no pictures to post, but did buy a disposable. However, I don't know how to get those pictures on this blog :( Bad news looks like I will need a new camera. Good news looks like I will be getting a new camera. Bad news again..I'll have to pay for it!

Our adventure started out with a night stay in Houston where we had a quick visit with Amy, Iris, and Ricky. We were so tired we had pizza in the hotel room. We enjoyed the Houston Children's museum the following day. It was awesome! Then later that afternoon headed to Galveston. After finding our hotel we headed to the beach! This was the first ocean experience for the Brook kids and they loved it! We had a nature lesson on sea shells and the little muscles that live inside. A few came out and attempted to bury themselves into our hands. This day was my favorite because I love the ocean! We all layed on the beach digging for shells and swam in the salty water. Both kids dove right in head included! Of course, I brought along Jake's earplugs but no life jacket. However, Jasson and I stayed in the water with them the entire time and "rode" the waves on the boogie board we just had to buy. That evening we went on the ferry to nowhere. The purpose was really just to give the kids the experience. We saw many dolphins and the seagulls came surprisingly close to us too. That night our quest for the perfect seafood ended in disappointment. We let Jacob order lobster and fish. He loved the fish, but lobster served boiled? was a no go. The food was barely warm and took for-ever! I think I had less patience then Addison and Jacob! Ugh I hate to wait.

The next day after a bit of beach combing we headed to San Antonio! By the time we arrived we were all so tired the kids just swam in the pool. We took advantage of the hotel's free finger food dinner and popcorn. Amy's family met with us and later that night we had dessert in the restaurant in the parking lot of the hotel.

The big day finally arrived. Today we would conquer SEAWORLD! The purpose of this crazy drive all over the place trip (well to see Amy, Iris, and Ricky too of course). Wow what didn't we do at Seaworld? We stayed about six and half hours I know! We saw the Baluga/Parrot show, Shamu show, and the sea lion show. We touched and fed the dolphins. We played/lost/won about $50 worth of boardwalk games. But hey it's vacation and who could resist the cute prizes? Besides spending $50 bucks to win them is waaay more fun then spending $20 to buy them at the local Disney store right? Oh, I forgot about the penguins and the alligators we saw too! The kids rode a mini rollercoaster and played on the playground. Our favorite was the Shamu show of course. Addison was so excited to see the giant whale leap into the air Jasson thought she just might cry! Jacob spouted out the facts of whales to me during show. Both were in awe as were Jasson and I. It was neat to be able to show the kids dolphins in the wild, dolphins in captivity and then have the opportunity to feed and touch them! So exciting! After a few more purchases we were all pretty worn out! And yes, we did wear matching shirts. If anyone were to get lost it would be easy to spot us because the four of us looked alike. Who have I become....a minivan and now this??? We had to the Riverwalk for dinner. Probably not the best idea since everyone was tired and hungry, but when you only have a few days you have to cram as much into it as possible. After a tasty, but uneventful dinner it was time for bed!

Sunday sent us packing! Packing for a long drive home. We said our good-byes and pleaded once again for Amy to move to Oklahoma. It's just not right for a sister to have a baby and then live so far away. Who does that, right? Anyway, it didn't work so off to Oklahoma we headed. Do you remember I said long drive? Well how about super long. That's right I listened to a man though my paper map, my phone GPS, and my memory said "GO STRAIGHT" my man said "GO LEFT" so left we went. Left took us to a very dark curvy hilly road about an hour out of our way. So our leasurely drive home (we stopped to shop at all those wonderful outlet malls), became the nightmare drive home. There are perks to having a dad that has been to like every cemetary in OK. GPS didn't know where we were. We didn't know where we were on the paper map, but dad was able to guide us back to a civilized road and finally at 9:50pm and almost 13 hours after our journey began we were HOME!

Best Vacation Ever!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Quarterly Report

Well it's about time for my quarterly update. It's been awhile so I thought I would get fancy and type in blue and italics. It's been so long since the last post and I didn't read the last post I can't remember where I left off. Hmmm...What's been going on with the Brook's?

Jacob is halfway through football and I think he is looking forward to the end! He is already talking wrestling and basketball. He likes first grade and his teacher, Mrs. Tanner. I think he is quite social as he prefers to eat breakfast at school instead of taking the AR test in the morning which I want him to do. He has gotten all 100's on his spelling tests and I am still processing that he celebrated his 7th birthday. The other day I said "Daddy and I have been married 7 1/2 years" Jacob's response "and I'm 7" wonder how many years it will take him to figure that one out..LOL. Thinking of kid comments Addison and Jake were telling me that the wanted a sibling which there will be no more at our house. I explained that "no we are not having anymore children" Jacob replied "well you could go out and have a really good time and come back pregnant". Not really sure where he heard that line, but quite certain he is watching too much tv. I assured him that "NO, there would be no more babies at our house."

Addison is adjusting well to life in kindergarten. After my heart healed from the day she brought home a sad face she hasn't had any more. She is quite independent and styles her own hair daily. She kinda has the messy pulled up look. Her personality reminds me of a cross between Punky Brewster and Denace the Menace. A good mix for the household. I've gotten over my anxiety that when the teachers see her lunch they must think I am an unfit mother, but why pack something she won't eat? So dry cereal, yogurt, and string cheese it is! I got to go with her to the Livesay Orchard in Porter and she packed our lunch for us and did a great job! She let me have a sandwich :).

October brings excitement to us. We will go on our first vacation since the children were 1 and 3! We are headed south to San Antonio for fall break! I am excited to just get out of town! We plan to go to Galveston and spend one night just to show the kids the ocean and experience a ride on the ferry. Not my favorite. I have always had this anxiety of bridges, ferries, etc. ugh I do not like not being in control and over water...AAHHH...but I must put this aside so the kids can experience fun! Now I am planning on taking life jackets (just not telling Jasson hehehe). Yes life jackets for the ferry ride over to Galveston! We also bought an old Coke machine! Jasson and I have wanted one forever and lucked into one really cheap at a garage sale this weekend. So get ready ice cold beverages all summer long for just .45 cents! WooHoo

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer's End

Summer is quickly coming to an end. Only three more days until the very first day of school! Jasson started his first day today. Calculus. I will have to wish him luck with that because as you know I am no math wizard! Hmm...haven't blogged in a loooonggg time! I am so busy at work. Budget cuts have cut much of my help which means more work for me. Yippee! More work for me means less time to blog.

Summer didn't bring much excitement to our household this year. We did a lot of swimming and even tried out the new Sapulpa Aquatics Center a few times. We had a great visit with Amy, Ricky, and Iris. Now I must find Amy a job in Oklahoma so we can see them more often.

Jacob started tackle football. He is adjusting to the heat, but Addison and I are not. Now that Jasson is at school it is up to me to go to all the practices in the heat. Not such a good time can't imagine why anyone would choose to do that in full pads. Jacob is very excited about first grade and can't wait for "back to school" night tomorrow.

Addison had a cavity filled today and did very well! She hasn't decided if she is ready for school or not. Shopping for school supplies was nightmarish. I still haven't found watercolors or craft glue, however I do appreciate that the list was smaller this year than last. Thankfully, we didn't have to re-mortgage the house to buy supplies.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Hmm.. I couldn't think of a clever post title today. I am grouchy because I am feeling overworked which is my own fault. Therefore, all titles I thought of weren't appropriate. I know this is a passing mood and things always work out. I have control issues and when I can't control I get a little cranky!

Saturday the kids and I were leaving Wal-Mart when we were asked if we wanted to look at some craft projects and make a donation. The cause was a worthy one and had I any cash I would have donated. We walked across the drive way and Jacob said "mom I have change left over in my pocket I could donate". He walked back to the table and patiently waited until the lady was finished speaking to someone else. To me it felt like forever, but he waited so calmly and quietly. Finally, the woman left and it was Jake's turn. He handed over his money. I was so proud! I did not suggest he give his money he did it all on his own. He had taken some money from his piggy bank to buy a toy from Wal-Mart and then donated the change he had left over!

We also spent the weekend out by the pool. So nice and sunny! A little too sunny. We were a little to hot pink on Sunday to swim without shirts on. Best of all the weekend brought Amy and Iris home! I can't believe how much Iris has grown. So cute!

Addison stated on Saturday night that she was "calling Amy out" which means Addison will now get to be Iris's mother and that Iris should come to live with us. Addison was quite upset when I explained it wasn't that easy and that we couldn't take Iris home with us.

We are gearing up and are super excited to have everyone over Saturday for a swim party. Hopefully, the forecast won't change and we will have sunny nice weather!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Catch up...

WOW! It's been awhile since the last post. I feel like all I do is play catch up. Meet myself at the front door leaving sometimes. Life as a working mother of two can be very hectic.

Jacob and Addison are both full swing into t-ball. On different teams in different towns of course. Can't do things the easy way in the Brook house. The late nights are really rough for us. I am still debating is it harder on me or the kids? Jacob is my child that reminds me it's 8:00 o'clock and time for bed. Only 18 more games for Jake and 13 for Addison to go! I think this summer the only activity we will do is swimming in our own backyard! Well that's if the kids' allergies calm down. Both have had itchy, red, watery eyes, a cough, sneezing etc. Keeping them in the house is about the only thing that works. Jacob is doing very well in school and is reading chapter books now. Addison is doing well and reports "no trouble" when asked how was school? I wish I could say the same about home! She will be writing sentences tonight when I get home for her behavior. Yes, I know she is 4, but she must learn that all negative behavior has consequences. Jacob lost his sixth tooth last night and seemed disappointed that the tooth fairy only left a dollar! I found out he was skipping breakfast at school (lunch lady told me we have $75.00 on our account) he told me he was trying to save money. I guess I talk about money too much. It's amazing what a six year old can pick up on! Anyway, I did tell him he better start eating and of course he did not need to worry about money that we have it under control. Then he said well I need to lose weight! So again another lecture that a six year old should not be worried about weight! Oh my goodness they grow up too fast!

We are also looking for a new home for Bella. I know I know....go ahead and say it. A 4 year old is not ready for a dog and since she is to rough with poor little Bella we feel Bella would be better off with someone else. The good news is Jasson knows a lady at work and they are going to have a trial night on Wednesday. Cross your fingers. And yes I have learned my lesson!

I will go to New Orleans next week for work. I am going to try cajun food since the first time I went I was a vegetarian. My first long trip by myself. This should be interesting. Any good book recommendations?

My dad is home. He sounds groggy today. I guess recovering from quadruple bypass isn't the easiest thing to do! He hasn't smoked in a week and since my trip is for an anti-Tobacco Conference I should have lots of good things to bring back for him!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

new post

It has been so long since I have posted that I thought I should update for anyone that might read our blog! The Brook house has been very busy! First, Addison had to stay home from school for a few days due to not feeling then I wasn't feeling well. Jasson had been working alot at his second job (BOK) and both kids are in t-ball this year! Both practice two nights a week on different nights. My mom was headed out of town. My dad needs open heart surgery and I was worried about a few co-workers and a relative. Needless to say I had been feeling overwhelmed! I read several people's blogs and one happens to be a girl I went to high school with named Stacey. Her son is a cancer survivor. Reading her blog helped me put my life back in perspective. So I stopped and prayed and Thanked GOD for children that can run, have hair (even if it did have lice), a hard working husband, a job that I love and I get to be the boss, people that I work with that I like enough to care about their families, a mom healthy enough to travel to see my sister, a dad smart enough to insist to his doctor something was wrong with his heart, a close knit extended family that when one of us isn't feeling well we play telephone until we know everything is okay. I am a controlling person that sometimes needs a reminder that I cannot control life. That I must slow down and enjoy what God has given me and take one step at a time.

Now the fun stuff: Jasson and I took the kids bowling on Monday and the girls totally won! Addison and I did really well and beat the boys! (okay so the bumpers were up) but we all had a really fun time. We had our first sleep over with cousins Zoe and Kiley on Sunday night. The four of them got along very well. There were only a few times that I had to ask everyone to play nice. We visited the park in Jenks (really fun if you have children). Addison and Jacob are both doing very well in t-ball. They both really seem to like it and Addison does better if I don't watch. We are working on her attitude with adults a few of her recent phrases: "it's not your business" said to cousin Megans mother and "don't talk to my mama" said to a t-ball mom. I use positive directive questioning such as "is that how we speak to adults?" and make her apologize. The problem is I need her not to say those things in the first place. I attended Jacob's parent teacher conferences this month and that went well. He is doing well and the teacher didn't have much to say other than he is ready for first grade. Being the proud parent I have thought that since he entered kindergarten and brought home the same work he did when he was at Miss Barb's. Jacob is growing and growing! He wears a size 2 shoe and 10 in pants! However, as the parent of a tall kid I do get annoyed when people think he is older and have found myself (rudely) correcting people when I overhear them comment on how old "that" kid must be. This usually happens at t-ball. Hello people have you seen his father? And I am worried about my 4 yr-old keeping her thoughts to herself?

On the diet front I have lost 15 pounds since I have started counting my calories and going to the diet doctor. I also write down everything I eat and don't drink my calories. Despite numerous attempts by my friend Marla and cousin Sarah the answer is still "NO" to exercise. I will try to incorporate some as the weather warms up. I know when we open our pool that I will swim daily, but for now the only part of my body that gets exercise is my fingers from typing or pushing the buttons on the remote! In April I will get to go to a conference in New Orleans with the Tobacco Coalition so hopefully I can lose a few more pounds before then so I can fit into more of my clothes. Right now I rotate between three pair of pants! Oh the life we lead! LOL

Monday, February 15, 2010


I am finally over my second round of strep throat only to wake up to two kids with sniffles and sneezes this morning! Hopefully, it's just a little allergies or cold and nothing that will be cause for a trip to Dr. Gordon.

Jasson flies home tonight! Yeah! For all you mama's with traveling husbands how do you do it? I even had my mom with me and am still ready for Jasson to come home.

The diet is going well. I have not eaten over the calorie limit that I have set for myself. To my surprise I am not that hungry either. I do drink lots and lots of water, which I did before I was restricting my calories. I am writing down all foods that I eat. Counting calories really makes you aware of what you eat. Last night I had 500 calories left over and needed a snack so I ate one (out of two that come packaged together) of the little debbie heart shaped cupcakes. I guessed maybe 100 calories or less. Anyway, when I was at the store today a very similar cake was 150 calories per little cake! Won't be eating those again. We haven't started working out yet but maybe this week. Let's not push it you know what I mean? What's my motivation? Addison asking me as she is poking it "if you don't have a baby in there why didn't it go down?" referring to my gut! Kids...gotta love thier honesty.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


KA-BOOM! That is the perfect word to describe to funny/surprising situations that happened the last two days. First I picked up Jacob from school yesterday to be told by his teacher that he had cut a chunk out of his hair and received a white slip! KA-BOOM! What I was speechless, my sweet, innocent, never in trouble Jacob? It was true. Though you really can't tell because his hair is a mess and grows funny anyway. So he was grounded from television yesterday and lectured by both Jasson and I last night. He was told to apologize to his teacher and I told him I will check to make sure he did apologize.

So the second KA-BOOM came this morning on the way to school. Jacob says Bella (who was headed to the groomer) is eating something off the floor of the car. "man mom you sure have a lot of spots back here" Yes Jacob it's because of you and your sister. "Well you need KA-BOOM you know from oxy-clean it works on most any surface and really gets the stains out" WoW he just receited the entire KA-BOOM commercial. As it turns out the no tv last night was a good idea because he obviously watches WAY TOO MUCH TV!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fat Farm

Fat farms do they still have those? I need to go to one. So today I signed myself up for the diet doctor. After three prescriptions, several boxes of protein shake, and a few boxes of protein bars I was finally out the door. Turns out I am fatter than I thought by a whole 10 pounds. So I have decided to stop avoiding the mirrors and come to term with this over abundant skin I have been living in. I am over the vanity phase in my life. You know the way to much make-up, fake tan, etc but this is ridiculous! I have decided that when the weight has taken over to the point that I am too tired to play with my kids then it is time to take control! Jasson and I successfully gave up pop so I am hoping my transition to giving up the extra 1000 calories I eat a day won't be so hard. We are joining the gym and I am going to start walking on my treadmill in the mornings. However, the doctor said 80% of my fatness is what I eat. Turns out I am down with that because I really would rather starve than exercise, but hubby wants to exercise so I will do that too. Watch out Sarah! The new/old me is waiting to emerge! LOL! I vow to longer be the fat cousin! UGH just re-reading this and typing is wearing me out! I can do it I can do it!

On to more pleasant topics. We visited the Isley boys this weekend and had fun. Who knew that Mo has really chilled out since having kids. She didn't mind the screaming, ball throwing, up and down the stair action, around the circles in the house madness. I am sure my children were in heaven! We had a really fun time and by the time we left Jace almost liked me! Not enough to let me hold him but enough for a high five. That's progress! Anyway, Mo is doing my taxes (so nice of you) and is always surprised that Jasson and I can survive on our small income. I guess you spend with what ya got. LOL!

Superbowl Sunday was fun at our house. Jasson bought a new tv (I secretly wanted one too) so it was easier to see the players! The kids played with our friends' kids and had fun. I made way too much food and will have to eat it tonight so it doesn't go to waste. So the above mentioned diet will begin tomorrow.

Addison made it through the weekend with oh maybe 4 or 5 trips to her room (pretty good). The last time I thought hmm she is being awfully quiet! So I opened the bedroom door to find the stroller (one of three) covered in moose. Yes that is right hair moose. "what are you doing" "what its my cleana?" "addison cate that is not cleaner put it up right now and clean this mess". A few minutes later she comes into the kitchen "addison why were you playing in the moose?" "It's so soft and fluffy I just want to jump in that can and swim and float awound mama". moose (sic) is soft and fluffy and some days I wish I could just float around in it too. How can you be mad at that?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Too old for mom?

I took lunch to my mom today and happened to see Jacob in the lunch line. I waved (with exaggerated excitement) and called his name. He peeked up at me gave the slightest most unnoticable wave back. As I walked out the door I heard him say to a classmate "what's she doing here?". NICE. Six years old and already to old for your momma? School really ages kids quickly especially ones as sweet as my Jake.

Addison oh Addison. I received an email from daycare yesterday that my girl was being rude, not participating, telling the teacher they were mean, she didn't have to listen or do what they said. I spoke with her upon arrival to pick her up and gave her two choices: apologize and all is forgotten or go to your room for night, but you will still apologize in the morning. Of course she opted for the latter and spent the evening alone in her room. At first (because she cried) I thought Ah Hah this is working! Then I heard chatter and laughter coming from her bedroom. Turns out that the alone time allowed her to actually play with all of her toys. You know all the ones she just had to have that sit on her shelves and floor unattended too. So much for punishment in your bedroom!

Jasson will be going to LA next week. The kids and I will be on our own. Sorta. Mom will be spending the week with us while he is gone. Jacob has already asked if we could eat out every night that daddy is gone. I told him we just had pizza. Well that doesn't count because we picked it up and ate it at home! Jasson and I have created fast food out to eat junkies!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the mend

Addison and I have been ill since Monday. I have strep throat and she has pnuemonia with strep throat. Today is our first day back to work/school. It is miserable being sick! I think I have used more lysol and cleaner these past few days then I have in a month. I managed to burn or make my tongue raw from all the cepacol drops I have used. My only relief is now causing pain too! I am sitting at work listening to lots of sirens and wondering what is going on? I am such a nosy or should I say inquisitive person.

I measured the kids today against a wall in the laundry room. We last measured about 4 months ago. Jacob is an inch taller and Addison is two inches taller! I thought her clothes we looking short!

I did manage to spend some quality time with Addison one of the days we were home. We played dolls, did hair and colored. It was fun. I thought wow what a smooth day...until she came into the living room with a green face and a green spotted Bella. The day is not over and I am exhausted!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthsary! Jasson will be 33 on Sunday and we will celebrate our 7th anniversary on Tuesday! So exciting. Mom is keeping the kids Saturday for us. So last night Jacob asks "where will Addison go when you go out?" Well she will go with you to Nana's. "so she gets to go eat with us at Boomer rang?" How do you know you are going to Boomer rang? "I've planned it all out" WOW. Now knowing my mother I am sure she will take him to Boomer rang. Crazy kid

Friday, January 15, 2010


So my Addison is always saying funny or quirky things. This morning's statement happened when Jacob, Addison and I were having a family hug. We were laying in my bed before I had to officially "get up". Jacob accidently need Addison in her private area. So she says "ouch bubby you got me in the girls!" Love her.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Addison has recovered from her surgery. She did however break the stitches open and has a nasty open wound in place of her mole. We are cleaning that twice daily. She still has not forgiven me for having the mole removed.

Jasson's grandpa passed away on Sunday. The kids knew this grandpa (his other grandpa died late 2009, but the kids didn't know him). I am very up front, open and honest with my children about most things. Okay, they do still believe in Santa, the tooth fairy etc. but the rest of the stuff I don't sugar coat. Anyway, we talked about dying and heaven. Last night Addison and I were eating dinner and she started singing a song she made up about grandpa Stan. It went to the tune of "oh Christmas Tree". If I could figure out how to post video on here I would post it. It was so sweet. It is times like last night that remind me there is sweetness in my girl she just doesn't like to let it loose very often.

Jacob had his first basketball game on Saturday. He had a lot of fun and was worn out afterward! He now has his own basketball and Jasson has been working with Jacob on the funamentals. So now Jacob has been in basketball, T-ball, swimming, karate, tumbling and one try at gymnastics. He wants to try tap next. Hopefully, he will find his niche soon.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Surgery and last overnight

Today was Addison's mole removal surgery. As my fam will remember she was born with a decent sized mole/birth mark on her right ankle. Our pediatrician has never paid much attention to it and didn't think it was cause for concern. I however, have fretted since day one. I have had many moles removed and with Uncle Phillip having had melanoma I just worried about that mole. Anyway, this summer part of it came off due to Addison picking at it. Finally, the pediatrician agreed that we should take a second look and referred us to a dermatologist. Of course the derm suggested a removal. However, he referred us to a plastic surgeon so finally after four doctor visits and $450.00 dollars later the mole is gone.

Addison did not want the mole removed. She complained for days before the surgery about the surgery. Oh well, we thought they will give her happy juice and she will be just fine. Well happy juice must be like affects all of us differently. Addison was no happy kid! It took her a little longer to come out of the anesthesia fog. She cried, she laughed, she got mad, she cried some more, she fell asleep eating a pop tart. "It's my worst day ever" she repeated over and over. Sad and funny. She cried because she couldn't sit up straight, she cried because she couldn't hold her cup, she cried because her foot is all bandaged up to restrict movement. Finally, about 2:00 the Addison I know returned. She bounced, danced, kicked, jumped, ran you know all those things that the dr. said NOT to do. She is to rest her ankle (they don't want the stitches to open) for 48 hours. Yeah right? How many 4 yr-olds follow the dr.'s advice. The piece she did hear was that it would be a good idea to keep her home until Thursday. Now that she wants to follow...I told her only if mama gets to sleep a little. So as you can read she doing well and in her words "I am healing".

Tonight (cross my fingers) is my last scheduled over night shift at the shelter. I have hired someone and she is orientating this week. It is someone I have known for years so hopefully she will be a great addition to the YSCC team. I am still going to hire a few "on call" people and have great candidates if they are willing to be on call instead of part-time. I am able to get a lot done on overnights no phone calls, the kids are in bed. However, it leaves more work for the day I return. Return all the day phone calls, meet with the kids, attend meetings etc. I am ready for my old routine back!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Break My Heart

So Jacob is at work with me today due to mom having to go back one day before the kids. He has been sweet and quiet all day. I took him to McDonalds to eat lunch (his choice) because he has been so well behaved.

He ate his lunch then went to play. All was well until two blonde headed bullies, in red sweaters, started picking on him!!! He came down to me and said those boys were saying he was a spy. So the two bullies, I mean boys, no I mean BULLIES said to him through the mesh net "I'm not afraid of you". Jacob says to me I tried to get away from them and they kept saying I was trying to spy, but I wasn't. So my sweet little Jacob sits down at a table in the back of the McDonalds and blinks his eyes many times, to fight back tears and then he was ready to go! Anyway, that just breaks my heart. I know I am biased, but he is such a sweet boy! I told him next time people pick on you punch 'em in the gut! Probably not the best advice, but hey people back off my kid! These boys were probably about 8 years old. I think that Jacob's size will be a disadvantage if he doesn't get his bluff in on people early in life. Now had my girl been there she would have punched 'em in the gut and been the one being called a bully...LOL

So to you blonde headed red sweatered boys...BACK OFF!

Holidays are over!

The new year is upon us now and I am looking forward to new adventures! We had a great Christmas, which included spending time with my new niece. I survived the New Year's Eve lock-in at church and am close to hiring someone for my shelter. I think things are settling down now.

So Jacob and I were leaving my mom's the other day and talking about something that I have already forgotten, anyway he says "OMG". I say what does that mean (of course I know but does he?) "Oh my gosh". Wow six years old and they already learn all the text lingo.

Speaking of what children hear and learn Addison was in the living room and I was watching a show on ABC Family channel the character says something and used the word "sex" so Addison asks me what that means. Now I usually over explain things and have been trying not to do that lately. So I told her it means if you are a girl or a boy. So she says "I am sex?" No Addison your sex is female that means you are a girl. She just wouldn't drop it! So finally I had to tell her we just don't say that word. So let this be a lesson that even "family" channels often say things that are unnecessary and things that children shouldn't hear. The lesson to me is to watch tv in my bedroom!

My kids have said some funny things lately and I meant to remember them so I could post, but I waited to long and now have forgotten. I will try to post pics on here soon. Trying to dress the page up a bit and keep up with my over achieving bloggin' cousins.