Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer's End

Summer is quickly coming to an end. Only three more days until the very first day of school! Jasson started his first day today. Calculus. I will have to wish him luck with that because as you know I am no math wizard! Hmm...haven't blogged in a loooonggg time! I am so busy at work. Budget cuts have cut much of my help which means more work for me. Yippee! More work for me means less time to blog.

Summer didn't bring much excitement to our household this year. We did a lot of swimming and even tried out the new Sapulpa Aquatics Center a few times. We had a great visit with Amy, Ricky, and Iris. Now I must find Amy a job in Oklahoma so we can see them more often.

Jacob started tackle football. He is adjusting to the heat, but Addison and I are not. Now that Jasson is at school it is up to me to go to all the practices in the heat. Not such a good time can't imagine why anyone would choose to do that in full pads. Jacob is very excited about first grade and can't wait for "back to school" night tomorrow.

Addison had a cavity filled today and did very well! She hasn't decided if she is ready for school or not. Shopping for school supplies was nightmarish. I still haven't found watercolors or craft glue, however I do appreciate that the list was smaller this year than last. Thankfully, we didn't have to re-mortgage the house to buy supplies.