Sunday, January 19, 2014

Moving Forward...

Not only has it been nearly four years since I last posted, but the most recent picture I have uploaded on my computer is from 2012! This was from our trip Sontag Trip to Branson in July 2012.  Ahh..should I title this post moving forward, catching up, or where do I start? 
A few highlights in the Brook life since my last post: Addison and Jacob now attend Lone Star Elementary School in Sapulpa and we love it!!  I can not say enough positive things about the teachers, curriculum, support staff, and administration.  They are wonderful and the school has a small town feel.  Both kids are doing very well and are on the honor roll. We are very proud parents.  Jasson is now working for a company called NORIA and loves it!  He is seems to have found his niche.  We have yet, another new dog.  Daisy is chocolate lab and is nearly a year and half.  We are now at two dogs, two snakes, and eight fish.  Hopefully, no more pets for awhile.   

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