Thursday, January 23, 2014

New pics...well newer...and here's to hellth I mean health

Ahh.. a more recent photo only 8 months old!  We haven't changed too much other than Jacob's hair now covers his eyes and I am back to being a brunette.  I am sure that will change soon!  Let's see updates with the Brook kids: Both made their AR goals and will get to attend the AR trip and both are on the honor roll!  Proud mama moment!  Go Brooks Go Brooks Go!  Thank you to our sweet cousin Megan C. Hurt for helping our fun lovin' girl achieve reading success this year!  Addison has signed up for tumbling and is cartwheeling all over the house.  Hmm..guess that isn't really new news.  Jacob will be signing up for bowling on Saturdays.  All part of the "Brooks get healthy band wagon".  I once decided that being healthy was dangerous.  You know you exercise then you ache or fall down running and get hurt. Well so far so good and no injuries, BUT I did cut my finger last night as I was trying to slice some fresh veggies!  We have slowly incorporated the good stuff into our diets as not to shock our system.  What we have learned: we now crave healthy food, drink more water, and J and I have both lost a few pounds.  The goal is really to be more healthy and isn't focused on weight loss, but lifestyle change.  So here is to health!

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